The training is addressed to every participant who has completed the NLP Practitioner course and wants to further improve his or her communication skills and own strategies for success at work and in private relationships. The training develops competencies from a professional angle for trainers, managers, salespeople and anyone for whom work involves building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. It is also particularly important and useful for those who create and manage teams on a daily basis, guide people through new challenges and changes.

You learn the structure of conducting training.

During the training you learn to build resourceful internal states and acquire emotional intelligence skills. You expand your ability to manage internal mechanisms by building your identity and an attitude of high self-esteem.

You learn the attitude of a trainer

How a trainer should build his or her attitude.

You learn how to plan the result of training

In the meetings, we deepen the skills to obtain and manage information about how people motivate themselves and make decisions. You will learn how to apply proper communication to yourself and others, and develop skills to take care of your mental health by applying proper communication to yourself and others.

You become a role model for others

During the training you will discover motivational mechanisms, that is, effective motivation of yourself and others through intrinsic motivation, which is formed by dignity values.


Completed training



20 years

Of experience


Module 1: Building the identity of the trainer
-Creating values.
-Building supportive beliefs.
-Planning emotional states.

Module 2: Building individual assumptions on which the coach works.
-Defining the principles that guide the coach.
-Determining the key assumptions in the coach’s work.
-Defining one’s own goals and outcomes as a trainer.

Module 3: How do adults learn?
-Learn about research on adult learning.
-Structures of messages to adults.
-Mechanisms of skill acquisition and action (working on modal operators).

Module 4: Language structures
-The role of language in training.
-Presuppositions in language.
-Temporal structures in language.
-Metaphors, symbols, storytelling.

Module 5: The art of asking questions that open up possibilities.
-Difference between active and passive language patterns.
-Unconscious language patterns-the language of influence.
-Making precise assumptions in questions.

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About the training

How is it that after some trainings I quickly have good results and they work for me for years? And on others it was “nice”, but changes do not happen and I actually have no results at all? How is it that one person says something and everyone listens to him, and another person speaks and people are “thoughts somewhere else”? The key to answering these questions is not WHAT the speaker says, but HOW he or she says it, i.e. the structure of the training, lecture, talk. It turns out that all effective teachers or great speakers communicate with their audience in a certain way, which you will learn in this workshop. During this course you learn: The way to speak to people to get their sustained attention, so that they remember the most important elements from my speech and make the desired changes. You gain a deeper understanding of how adult people absorb information and, therefore, how to conduct effective workshops, trainings or team meetings appropriate to the needs of this audience. The trainer acts in a role of authority, so he or she must choose words responsibly and have a strong understanding of the linguistic structures he or she uses and how each interacts with the way people think and behave. That’s why, during workshops, we place special emphasis on the quality of communication and awareness of the language used, so that trainees achieve much more after your training sessions than they expected.

Price and length of the course

The course lasts a total of 120 hours
15 training days
5 months (3 days per month)
cost of 1 hour of training = 49 zł
120 hours of training = 5880 zł
It is possible to spread the payment over
five monthly installments. The amount of the installment is 1176 zł

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