We are a leader among training and consulting companies.

We offer training in the field of personal and business development, as well as conduct advisory projects in the areas of management, HR, and marketing. Leveraging our knowledge and experience from over 20 years of practice in international business

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We take responsibility for what we teach and the results

Achieved by our business clients, participants of open trainings, and therapy sessions. You won’t
find the logo of any company we’ve worked with or currently train on our website because these
projects have a discreet nature. Our strength and the resource we share are reliable, academic
knowledge combined with 20 years of practice in global, medium, and small companies, both
Polish and foreign. Our clients say that we know something that not everyone knows, and we
don’t follow what everyone knows. That’s why we do something that no one else does, and we
don’t do what everyone else does.

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Exclusive in Poland

Since 2023, through a twenty-year collaboration and a close relationship with Christina Hall, we have become co-owners of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We are the only ones in Poland and one of the 15 worldwide who can certify new Practitioners, Coaches, Masters, and Trainers with our insignia and the original and most effective NLP knowledge

Our Vision                                        

We create 100 timeless brands that inspire the entire world. Our brands not only gain recognition but also become icons in their respective fields. For years, we have been building their reputation, emphasizing quality, innovation, and authenticity.

Our Mission

We build and support great individuals and large companies that, through their development, bring benefits always and everywhere.

Our Values

What unites us is faith in people, because only then are we able to inspire them to development. Thanks to inspiration, our clients can grow and educate themselves, as they know what they aim for. We see education as a logic that ultimately creates great individuals. All of this builds intelligence that leads to great success

Belief in people
Inspiration for development

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