Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming is a certified 15-day course divided into five modules, which are held once a month. During the trainings we work with active methods (20% theory, 80% practice).

You discover your own strategies for success

You discover your own strategies for achieving success at work and in your private life. You learn the ways with which you motivate yourself effectively and in the long term. You discover your strategies that you use to achieve above-average results.

You improve your communication skills

So that you can be more proficient and achieve much more than before. You discover and improve skills related to personal action strategies and the advanced art of communication.

You develop professional competencies

Dedicated to coaches, managers, salespeople and anyone for whom work involves building and maintaining long-term relationships with people.

You improve decision-making

By improving your own ways of making decisions and acting effectively in business and in your personal life. You become the creator of your life and success, stop observing and admiring others, appreciate yourself.


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Module 1: Metaprograms -What motivates me to act?
-Recognizing and understanding your own and other people’s mechanisms of action and behavior.
-How to arouse intrinsic motivation in yourself and others.
-Where and how to get information about how people motivate themselves and make decisions.
-Effective management of one’s own motivational mechanisms.

Module 2: Personal strategies for success and failure – on different levels.
-Personal strategies for success.
-Personal strategy of good decisions.
-Personal strategy of good skills.
-Strategy for modeling oneself.

Module 3: Language I
-Deep structures of language.
-Solving a problem in 8 questions and in 12 questions.
-Language as a reevaluation of life history – how to build a past that is full of resources to
build a good future.

Module 4: Language II
-Using language in a way that fits the other person’s “model of the world.”
-Recognizing different models in communication and the assumptions that make it possible to understand the essence of the message.
-The art of constructing questions that will guide the interlocutor to solve a problem.
-Understanding the power of language and more precise communication.

Module 5: Reevaluating life stories
-Discovering the resources in the past – what great things have prepared us for and appreciating one’s past as a powerful foundation for further development.
-Changing the direction of thinking: I stop being “stuck” in the past, and orient myself more towards the future (since that is where I spend the rest of my life).
-Giving direction to all planes of life – professional and private.
-Process during which I take responsibility for my own professional life and build my own path, rather than walking on the path someone has trodden for me.

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About training

It is impossible to remain in the role of observer and creator at the same time. Meanwhile, the modern world offers many opportunities for development and inspires great achievements by depicting in the media the successes of outstanding people and various ways to achieve them, making us constant observers. It is good when I am inspired by such role models, but: Are other people’s ways of success really my way of achieving the desired results? What if I have my own individual, unique strategies for achieving my goals? What if I already have developed patterns for making good decisions or developing skills? What if, at the same time, I have a strategy for orchestrating failure and/or sabotaging success?The training is aimed at any participant who has completed the NLP Practitioner course and wants to further improve his or her communication skills and own strategies for success at work and in private relationships. The training develops competencies from a professional angle for trainers, managers, salespeople and anyone for whom work involves building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. It is also particularly important and useful for those who create and manage teams on a daily basis, leading people through new challenges and changes.

Price and length of the course

The course lasts a total of 120 hours
15 training days
5 months (3 days per month)
cost of 1 hour of training = 59 zł
120 hours of training = 7000 zł

It is possible to spread the payment over
five monthly installments. The amount of the installment is 1400 zł

Training Reservation

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