Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

Leadership is about building an organization and continuous development of people. The training is conducted based on proprietary teaching methods and participants’ projects. The training consists of 20% theory and 80% practice.

Team Management

After the training, you have a clear vision of where and how you lead your team.

Communicating Values

So as to inspire action and integrate others with projects.

Motivating and Inspiring

You can convince others that the impossible is possible.

Confidence in Action and Composure

You become a role model, an example for others.


Completed training



20 Years

Of experience


Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management
• Project definition.
• Differences between a project and a process.
• Organizational structures.
• Differences between project management and product management.
• Project life cycle.

Module 2: Project Initiation
• Project Charter.
• Stakeholder analysis.

Module 3: Project Planning
• Project scope and requirements gathering.
• Schedule preparation.
• Budget planning.
• Risk management.
• Communication management.
• Roles and responsibilities allocation.

Module 4: Project Closure
• Project closure processes.
• Best practices for project closure.

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About the Training

Do you want to effectively implement your projects and lead project teams efficiently? Do you
need to standardize project management processes in your organization? Has your organization
experienced significant growth? Are projects getting delayed? Do you lack clarity on project
implementation timelines? Are there communication problems? Are decisions taking too long to
be made? This training is the right choice for you. In the current dynamic business reality, more
and more companies choose to develop their business based on projects, and project
management skills are one of the key competencies of contemporary managers. The
“Fundamentals of Project Management” training according to PMI is an educational program
where participants enhance their effectiveness in project implementation and significantly improve
their quality. During the workshop, participants deepen their knowledge of the PMI-recommended
project management approach, learn effective project work planning, communication in the
project, and proper clarification of roles and responsibilities. Through practical workshop
exercises, each participant has the opportunity to experience the entire project life cycle, each
phase, and all its products to smoothly implement the learned tools in their daily work.

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