The training is addressed to every participant who has completed the NLP Practitioner course and wants to further improve his or her communication skills and own strategies for success at work and in private relationships. The training develops competencies from a professional angle for coaches, managers, salespeople and anyone for whom work involves building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. It is also particularly important and useful for those who create and manage teams on a daily basis, guide people through new challenges and changes.

You develop the ability to control emotions

You learn to build resourceful internal states and acquire emotional intelligence skills. You expand your ability to manage internal mechanisms by building your identity and an attitude of high self-esteem.


at meetings, you deepen your ability to obtain and manage information about how people motivate themselves and make decisions. You will learn how to apply proper communication to yourself and others, and develop skills to take care of your mental health by applying proper communication to yourself and others.


You develop professional skills in creating cause-and-effect language patterns that have a strong impact on people’s behavior. You will expand your ability to use language structures through appropriate questioning.

You will learn how people motivate themselves to act

by discovering motivational mechanisms, that is, effective motivation of self and others through intrinsic motivation, which is created by dignity values.


Completed training



20 years

Of experience


MODULE 1: What is coaching? Principles and ethics of the work of a Coach
MODULE 2: Milton’s metamodel and language
MODULE 3: Assumptions and the double-bind loop
MODULE 4: Language structures
MODULE 5: The structure of creating effective coaching
MODULE 6: The art of asking questions that open up possibilities
MODULE 7: Working on the future and formulating goals properly
MODULE 8: The structure of reframing
MODULE 9: Practice part 1
MODULE 10: Practice part 2
MODULE 11: Practice part 3
MODULE 12: Summary and conclusion and presentation of certificates

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About the training

For several years, the coaching profession has become an increasingly popular professional occupation. Almost all of us have heard the word and may have thought about benefiting from working with a coach or using coaching skills in our own work.
When I think coaching or coach, how do I really mean it? What is coaching and who is a coach? How and what specifically can he or she help me with? How can working with a coach improve my life or solve a problem that is important to me? Or do I want to work as a coach myself, then what do I need to know and be able to do? Coaching is a journey from outside to inside and from inside to outside. A journey leading to personal development, going beyond the level we are currently at. It is very important that we are accompanied in this journey by properly formulated questions, about what experiences we already have, what we have in stock, what we need to add to it, and what is our map.
The coach in this journey always follows the client, his way of thinking and acting. He helps to solve an important problem for the client with his own methods. He does not advise, judge or suggest what the client should or should not do. The coach helps everyone to gather his or her life’s achievements and choose what was best, most effective. Refine it, strengthen it and translate it into one’s great future.

Price and length of training

The course lasts a total of 288 hours
36 training days
12 months (3 days per month)
cost of 1 hour of training = [INSERT] zł
288 hours of training = [INSERT] zł
It is possible to spread the payment over
five monthly installments. The amount of the installment is PLN [INSERT].

Training Reservation

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