This course is our proprietary solution, which is built on vast experience and knowledge, combining many levels and areas from fields such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, management and psycholinguistics. It is a set of practiced tools and exercises with which participants know how and when to continue to use as an effective solution to most of the problems facing today’s youth.

You feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing your purpose

You have much greater peace of mind and no longer fear the future, thanks to knowing exactly what you want, what is important to you in life and what you should do to achieve your goal.

You understand your values

You appreciate yourself more, your skills and build much more confidence in your actions and self-esteem.

You focus your attention on yourself

You stop watching others, competing and comparing yourself with others, and shift your attention to building your good life. External circumstances stop ruling your life and success. You build a more assertive attitude and improve your knowledge of what determines success.

You will learn tools for effective communication

During the training you use basic communication tools to increase your influence on others and build good relationships in your personal and professional life


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20 years

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Module 1: Goal strategy and personal values
-Master the art of defining a goal and linking it to a broader context, e.g. the goal is not: to build a house, but, for example, to live happily with your family.
-Explain the difference between a goal and an outcome.
-Key elements that must appear when planning a goal on a timeline to make even a difficult and big goal easier to achieve.
-The most common mistakes made when visualizing a goal.
-Discovering the biggest secrets in visualizing a goal that determine how quickly you can achieve it.
-Defining your direction, your vision of yourself, i.e. achieving the highest position in your career.
-Building an assertive attitude, which is necessary to get what is important to me in life.
-Identifying personal values that trigger the greatest and inexhaustible internal motivation to achieve goals.
-Values as a factor that builds great confidence in action.
-Values as a differentiator of my personal brand.

Module 2: Success strategies, beliefs, emotions
-Using the Walt Disney strategy to accelerate the achievement of a primary goal.
-Exploring the main goal from different perspectives, discovering weaknesses, so called “bottlenecks” in my strategy and preparing a solution for each of them.
-Learning a personal strategy for acquiring new skills that facilitates learning new things needed to achieve the goal.
-Determining the most limiting beliefs that hinder having a big career.
-Revaluating limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs and building a belief system that supports career advancement.
-Using emotions to achieve great success.
-Developing the ability to cooperate with emotions.
-Resolving the problem of working with emotions such as shame, guilt, fear or regret.
-Acquiring the invaluable skill of planning emotions.

Module 3: Integrating all tools in the context of the main goal, an introduction to communication
-Plan your career “for the rest of your life.”
-Plan each decade of your career development.
-Connecting your primary goal with your personal values.
-Integrating all knowledge with your primary goal.
-Learning basic communication tools for increasing your influence on others and building good relationships in your personal and professional life.

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About the training

If: You are afraid of making decisions about your future. You feel a burden at the thought of what choice to make. You lack motivation to learn and are constantly procrastinating what you plan for yourself. You don’t know what you really want to do in life. What course of study to choose, and if you are already studying, perhaps the question arises: is this course right for me and what will I do after graduation. You wonder if it’s even possible at this age to determine what I will do in the future. Career coaching will give you the tools you need to stop being afraid of your future, relying on external circumstances and implementing the ideas of others, and become the creator of your own good life. Career coaching will help you with determining the direction of your professional development and from the very beginning of your journey will make your daily functioning much easier, giving your life meaning, stimulating your motivation to act and making you know what to do, what to focus on and what to discard.This course is our original project, the program of which is built on vast experience and knowledge that combines many levels and areas from fields such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, management and language structures. A set of practiced tools and exercises that participants know how and when to use next is an effective solution to most of the problems faced by today’s youth.

Price and length of the course

The course lasts a total of 48 hours
6 training days
3 months (2 days per month)
cost of 1 training hour = [INSERT] zł
[INSERT] hours of training = [INSERT] zł.

It is possible to spread the payment over
five monthly installments. The amount of the installment is [INSERT] zł

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