Our training is primarily focused on practice, centered around the development of organizations and individuals. We utilize proprietary teaching methods and participant projects, where 80% of the time is dedicated to intensive practical experiences. We introduce only 20% theory so that participants can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in real situations. As a result, our training not only provides information but also develops practical skills necessary for effective
development and goal achievement.

New Strategies

You will receive new strategies through which you can achieve success in your chosen area.

Confidence in Action and Composure

You become a role model in your position, an example for others.

Awareness of Processes

This course will help you harness all life forces that will work towards your success.

Decision-Making and Assertiveness

No more succumbing to the influence of small-minded individuals.


Completed training



20 years

Of experience


C-Level Visionary
Fundamental Plane related to our internal world and our most powerful tool for achieving personal
Working on this plane is an answer to the question: how to better use our mind to lead us where
we want to go! This internal world is our most powerful motivation for action.
This plane encompasses 21 elements, including:
• Developing the talent of going beyond a small world – visualizations,
• Using senses to build a vast world – first in the mind,
• A mission surpassing individual identity,
• Creating constructs of one’s ideas in a self-chosen representation system,
• Feedback loops between abstraction and concreteness,
• Individual thinking models that simplify reality,
• The ability to ask oneself questions,
• The art of constructing questions to oneself.

Second Plane
The second plane relates to principles and external behaviors, such as:
• Ultimate goal,
• Self-discipline,
• Self-control,
• Financial management (savings),
• Confidence attitude.

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About the Training

As a trainer, I have spent many years studying the biographies of successful people to apply that
knowledge in my work with clients. It turned out that applying those principles was just the tip of
the iceberg. Therefore, I sought out individuals who had achieved exceptionally high levels of
success to find out what else was key to their success. I conducted interviews, asked questions,
and analyzed how they did it. What I discovered was surprising! In addition to external behaviors
aligned with these principles, I noticed something I called a rich world of internal experiences—an
specific way in which they directed their minds. They created specific mental constructs, engaged
in internal dialogues, negotiated, debated internally, and asked themselves questions in a
characteristic manner.
I interviewed about 70 people who achieved tremendous professional success, and it turned out
that each of them employed various patterns related to internal processes. However, there are 21
elements that connect them all. These individuals don’t conform to the world; instead, they shape
the world to fit themselves and their goals. They do this first through specific internal processes,
which they then translate into external actions, and they always succeed! They create a specific
system of thinking and acting, which becomes an entire life philosophy governing all their
choices. The concepts, tools, and techniques you will learn in this workshop signify learning from
the experiences of others, providing a practical, fast path to development. Learning everything
from your own experience can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. The wonderful news is
that this system can be learned and applied to achieve your own goals. This course is intended
for individuals seriously contemplating their life careers, hungry for success, and dreaming of
something more than mediocrity. The knowledge and tools from this course have long moved
beyond the experimental phase, and people who unconsciously used this knowledge continue to
achieve significant success.

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