Business coaching

Business coaching

June 2, 2024 IPI 0

Business coaching – what is it, what does it consist of and who can benefit from it?

The road to business success, like any road to a destination, is governed by its own rules, and can be guided by a paper map, a GPS, a travel guide or invite a professional pilot to the passenger seat. A pilot who has previously researched several types of roads, is excellent at reading signposts, anticipates sharp turns and informs the driver of them in advance, what’s more, he has already won a few races with several professionals on the way to success. Such a pilot, by asking the right questions, knows when the driver has strayed, when he is exhausted and needs a break, as well as what competencies he needs to develop in order to push the gas to the throttle. This pilot for an entrepreneur in charge of his business is precisely a business coach – otherwise known as a business coach.

Business coaching is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, high-level managers, as well as start-ups – in other words, all those who have both influence and responsibility for business achievements. When the road to success in management, in building a business, in following a goal suddenly becomes bumpy, difficult and lonely, it is hard to seek advice from friends and family. That’s when a coach who understands the needs of the business and its creators explores the assumptions, needs and issues to be resolved with appropriately asked questions, navigating the client toward effective solutions that translate equally into mental support and business results.

Business coaching is conducted to improve strategic decision-making and leadership skills, it is training focused on achieving outstanding results.

Business coaching in corporate processes

The business coach/coach works with the entrepreneur, the owner, and when the owner decides to do so, then the process can be extended to the entire company.

When business coaching covers the entire team in the company, working by design on the entire company, then by organizing processes, relationships, communication and management, we are able to achieve spectacular results. A properly prepared and implemented coaching plan can help maximize employees’ capabilities, increase their mental toughness, motivate them in the long term and build loyalty to the company. Business coaching is an interactive development approach that focuses on shaping skills, enhancing competencies and developing those undergoing training. This type of coaching primarily helps entrepreneurs to grow and scale the company, build motivated teams, responsible managers, and increase the performance of employees in their professional lives.

What are the benefits of business coaching?

Depending on the issues the entrepreneur faces, the goals with which he or she comes to the meeting – the benefits will be different and very individual to the situation or person.

However, if one wanted to focus on the select few that Infinity Power International’s clients mention, these may include: providing a clear direction, defining a career goal, broadening the way of seeing new opportunities and solutions, improving relationships in teams, new management skills and communication competencies to quickly achieve planned results and develop people.

The results are strong motivation to take action, achieve business goals, and grow and scale the business.

What does business coaching entail and what is worth knowing about it?

Business coaching begins with the establishment of goals to be achieved as a result of the entire process. From the client’s side, it requires cooperation and commitment to the process. Coaching sessions last between 1 and up to 3 hours, depending on the needs of the business owner. And their effectiveness is examined on the basis of business results. Therefore, it is also important for the coach to know the priorities, recognize the company’s strategy and understand the stage of development in the business, so that during the process, results are measured based on facts, not intuition or emotions.

In business, decisions always come from clients, coaching helps, guides and promotes opportunities.

What values is business coaching based on?

Whether we talk about them openly or not, whether we are aware of their application or claim that they do not guide us, however, they are always there – values. Values in business must be clearly defined, which was perfectly illustrated by the situation in companies withdrawing from the Russian market after 24.02.2022. The value system of these companies was clearly verified by the external situation, for those who had them clearly defined before, the decisions were probably simple and quick.

The process of discovering values and how to implement them is an important part of coaching. Because through the mission, vision and values, it is the CEO who gives direction to the organization. Business coaching also supports the process of very consciously creating one’s role and communicating the company’s mission, which directly translates into great success for the company.

Objectives of business coaching

Working together on new effective ways of thinking and acting, providing solutions where there has been a problem so far. Defining a clear plan and direction for the future, deepening leadership skills. To develop and complement one’s competence in organizational management and people management with new ways to negotiate, build relationships, motivate and inspire. To learn new key tools in the modern world with a high degree of initiation, thanks to which many people in major global organizations have achieved exceptional results in organizational management and negotiation.

Business coaching training – for whom?

Business coaching program is a program available to all people actively involved in building and developing an organization, company, business. These can be people from the managerial level, business owners but also young entrepreneurs, start-ups. Anyone who is thinking about or already actively working to build their company will benefit from business coaching. This set of tools and techniques in the hands of an experienced professional can very quickly give solutions and direct the thoughts, motivation and actions of the client towards the realization of the dreamed goal.

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