Building a Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand

Leadership is about building an organization and the continuous development of people. The training is conducted based on proprietary teaching methods and participant projects. The training consists of 20% theory and 80% practice.

Creating a Brand

You know and can arrange the elements and principles of creating brands and a personal brand.

Confidence in Action and Composure

You become a role model, an example for others.

Creating Processes

You can convince others that the impossible is possible.


Awareness of your internal processes and control over emotions.


Created companies


Built brands

20 years

Of experience


Module 1: Public Speaking (Online/Offline)
Workshops on personal branding where CEOs gain greater self-confidence by developing the
right attitude during self-presentation and addressing an audience. The sessions will cover key
aspects to help CEOs present themselves effectively on camera while achieving desired goals
through traditional and online media.
• How to engage the diaphragm, warm up the speech apparatus, and unleash the power in
the voice.
• Enhancing the appeal of presentations in meetings and in the media.
• Camera positioning, conscious management of non-verbal communication.
• What is the “hundred” on television? How to avoid talking too much? How to captivate the
audience with a story (ours, brand’s, institution’s)?

Module 2: Image Communication
• Principles of effective storytelling.
• How to communicate to captivate the audience.
• Business image on LinkedIn.
• Conducting discussions and motivating action.
• CEO in mass media.
• Ways to generate interest in the topic and your own idea.
• Creation and implementation of image strategy – how to measure its effectiveness.

Module 3: Effective Communication in Management
• Workshops where CEOs develop high-level communication skills desired in every manager. The
training enhances the skills of effective team management and motivation. During the workshops,
CEOs expand their knowledge of presenting their ideas to team members in a way that strongly
connects people around it and motivates them in the long run.
• How to communicate effectively in the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic systems to reach all
audiences accurately.
• The art of constructing and sending assumptions in communication – What is
communication and what does a message contain.
• The role of the “meta-schema” in public speaking, communication to clients and colleagues,
i.e., the structure of the statement that captures the attention of listeners, eliminates
resistance, and connects the audience with the presented idea.
• The role of selected linguistic structures in the Milton Erickson model and when and how to
use them to achieve desired results.

Module 4: The Role of Coaching in CEO Work – The Art of Asking Questions
Workshops focused on developing and complementing communication competencies in
managing the organization and people with new negotiation methods, relationship building,
motivation, and inspiration. Participants acquire skills in the art of asking open-ended questions,
where, until now, interlocutors could only see limitations.
• The key role of questions in communication.
• Questioning skills – directed questions, motivating questions, and directing towards
• Understanding language and precise communication – creating new effective ways of
thinking and acting.

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About the Project

Project Description
Before the pandemic, many companies and their CEOs did not place much emphasis on their
online presence; business development occurred through direct interactions with customers.
However, currently, the virtual image is the first form of contact. Thus, a professionally built CEO
brand, such as through boss branding, translates to faster achievement of business goals. This
appropriate tool prepares leaders for effectively representing the company externally and

For Whom?
Building a personal brand image is a process designed for demanding individuals who prioritize
high quality in life and business, including CEOs, business owners, and C-level managers. The
proposed training is a package covering four areas crucial for successive stages of business
• Self-presentation skills (both online and offline)
• Image communication
• Excellent communication skills in management, including coaching competencies—the art
of asking “right” questions that bring about change.

Benefits of Collaboration
• You acquire the ability to present yourself excellently live and on camera, knowing how to
engage your diaphragm, warm up your speech apparatus, and unleash the power in your
• You gain more knowledge and skills in constructing compelling statements.
• You understand how to build your image in line with your brand, working adeptly with the
camera and consciously managing your nonverbal communication.
• You possess new, broader knowledge on effectively managing people and know how to
achieve desired results in this area.
• You know how and what questions to ask to induce change and motivate action.
• You gain greater “self-confidence” both in terms of your image and personally.

Within six months after completing the training, participants are entitled to three free individual
consultations with the instructors.

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