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We believe that what we do challenges the status quo in thinking about oneself, people, and their possibilities.
The way we change the world involves discovering the unique and exceptional personality of each individual.
We conduct unique training sessions, through which people leverage their experiences and capabilities, creating an increasingly better environment for continuous growth.

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Are you aware of how many factors influence our daily decisions and life choices? Our place of residence, car, job, and relationships – all shape our beliefs and value system. Fascinating, isn’t it? What if I told you that our minds simultaneously pursue up to 30 different values? It’s intriguing, but can you name a few of them? For most of us, that’s a challenge.
The workshop “Values as the Criterion for Long-Term Success” not only provides an opportunity to reflect on your own values but also a chance to better understand what truly matters to you in life. Throughout the workshop, we will address many questions that will help you precisely identify your values and consider how you can more effectively fulfill them. Whether you dream of a happy relationship, successful connections, or professional success, it all starts with your values.
After the workshop, you will not only gain knowledge about what values are and how they shape your life, but you will also discover your own “why.” You will be more self-aware and understand what truly matters to you. You’ll make decisions faster, become more assertive and self-assured, and even enhance your self-esteem.

Remember, by shaping your personal value system, you build your dignity. What else will you gain? Knowledge about the benefits of realizing your values and the ability to define criteria for achieving them.
Don’t wait! Join our workshops and discover the values that truly guide your life. Find your path to long-term success!

What will you take away from the workshop?
Acquiring knowledge about the essence and process of shaping values.
Having awareness of my own values – understanding my “why.”
Understanding the essence of values and the associated benefits.
The ability to precisely define my values.
Having criteria for measuring the realization of my values.

Price and duration of the course.

The workshop lasts a total of 4 hours.
The cost of the workshop is 390 PLN.”

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