The world is what we pay attention to

The world is what we pay attention to

May 27, 2024 IPI 0

Out of a million pieces of information from our surroundings, we are able to pick out the one and only one that somehow directly affects us.

For example, we suddenly realize that the person who passed us on a bicycle is an acquaintance we haven’t seen since school, that we have the same jacket in our closet as the person walking in front of us, and so on.

We pick up this information from our surroundings in response to memory tasks stored in our brain.
Many people don’t realize that our thoughts about ourselves (internal dialogue) work the same way. If we say to ourselves in our silent language that we are “up to no good,” we will feel more anxiety when taking on professional or personal challenges. This will be an emotion that informs an internal struggle not only with motivation and fear of results, but is information about a preconceived uncertainty about skills and aptitude.

The very phrase “I’m not good for anything” is a very strong message in which we touch our identity, at the very beginning it is extremely important to catch such thoughts and rephrase them into specific areas where I feel insecure about my skills, for example: “I lacked such and such competencies in work X, I did not achieve/achieve the intended results, so now I feel so and so”. This form of internal dialogue provides an opportunity for concrete action and change.

If the subject of mindset change, is of interest to you and you want to have a greater and more conscious influence on where your life is heading, we invite you to IPI. A new edition of the “NLP Practitioner” course is starting in January, where we address issues such as internal dialogue, among others.

Author Anna Modrzewska

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