Is it worth managing a company by values?

Is it worth managing a company by values?

May 27, 2024 IPI 0

“Values are just as important for people as they are for enterprises – they allow people to live with dignity and die with a sense of fulfillment, and they give enterprises a chance at immortality.” Sławomir Lechowski

In a world of constant change, information noise, and dynamic development of new technologies, the only management method that guarantees a strong market position and long-term success for a company is value-based management. Only this management approach can meet the challenges of the modern world, respond to the moral crisis in business, and create a positive, developmental work environment for people.

Managing based on values triggers enormous employee engagement, as they take responsibility for the organization’s success by pursuing things that are important to them. Additionally, Clients, Business Partners, and Stakeholders are eager to develop cooperation with a company that has a clearly defined identity, its own Ethical Code, and consistently implements its most important values. Values guide and shape the way the company fulfills its Mission and Strategic Goals, define its identity, and are the foundation of the entire organizational culture. They build consistency in the thinking and actions of employees and also arouse their strong commitment.

They become the driving force of the enterprise because they move everyone, they are the strongest incentive for people to act, and the fairest judge of morality.
They facilitate recruitment and attract the right people who fit the company culture and are ready to jointly implement its Mission and Vision. They allow companies to grow, generate satisfactory profits, all in harmony with the environment, employee preferences, and the expectations of the owners. Today, the market is saturated. Companies that want to stand out and achieve long-term success must highlight their difference from competing firms in the market. These positive distinguishing factors are precisely the values.

Author Anna Modrzewska

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