Cel życia jest bardzo indywidualnym doświadczeniem, a to, co sprawia sens jednej osobie, może być zupełnie inne dla drugiej. Ważne jest rozważenie swoich wartości, pasji i doświadczeń, aby znaleźć własny sens i cel życia, po to aby czuć się spełnionym.

You know

How the mind works and why goals are so important in life

You understand

And you can accurately define the difference between a goal and an outcome

You know

The strategy you use every day to achieve your major and minor goal

You are motivated

Because you feel satisfaction with your life


Completed training



20 years

Of experience


The workings of the mind and the role of goals:
The mind processes information and makes decisions, and goals provide motivation and direction.
Coding failure and success:
Failures can be opportunities to learn, successes confirm the effectiveness of actions, while approaches depend on experiences and values.
Strategies for achieving goals:
Planning, focus, flexibility, self-awareness, time management – key elements of goal achievement.
Difference between goal and result:
A goal is an intended outcome, an outcome is the result of achieving a goal. Clear definition of goals and the ability to adjust actions are key.

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About the training

If you don’t set clear goals for yourself and don’t have a clear vision for your life, chances are you’ll end up working to fulfill someone else’s dreams. There will always be plenty of people around you ready to limit your possibilities and subordinate them to their own goals. It’s worth understanding that the mind has its own strategies for success and failure. It acts consciously, differentiating how it codes for both outcomes. Our plans and actions should be in harmony with how the individual structures of our mind function. Having knowledge of the mechanisms the mind uses to achieve goals becomes a key tool for leading a fulfilling life full of success. Find your path, understand your own capabilities, and start shaping your life according to your aspirations.

Price and length of training

3 continuous training days of 8 hours each
the course lasts a total of 24 hours
cost of 1 hour of training = 50 zł
24 hours of training = 1200 zł

Training Reservation

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