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The way we change the world involves discovering the unique and exceptional personality of each individual.
We conduct unique training sessions, through which people leverage their experiences and capabilities, creating an increasingly better environment for continuous growth.

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About the training

Have you ever wondered if you can truly manage your emotions? Contrary to popular belief, all emotions are important and useful, playing a significant role in our lives. During this fascinating training, you will uncover the secrets of emotions, learn about their significance in your daily functioning, and discover effective ways to collaborate with them.
Throughout the workshops, we will debunk the myth of emotional management, replacing it with a new perspective on the role emotions play in our lives. Emotions are not subject to moral judgment; they are simply tools that provide us with valuable information and guidance. They drive us to take action, encourage reflection, and help us understand ourselves and others.

You will learn:
What emotions are and how they arise.
The basic mechanisms of emotion formation.
Why different emotions occur in different situations.
The role of emotions in your life and their significance.
How emotions influence your daily decisions and behaviors.
The benefits of fully experiencing various emotions.

Collaborating with your emotions:
You will receive tools to help you identify and understand your emotions.
Learn how to effectively respond to different emotions to achieve fulfillment, not frustration.

After completing the training, you will be more aware of your emotions, understand their messages, and learn to collaborate with them to achieve fulfillment in life. Emotions will become your allies, not adversaries, opening up new possibilities both personally and professionally. Prepare for transformation and a better understanding of your inner world of emotions!

Price and duration of the course.

The workshop lasts a total of 5 hours.
The cost of the workshop is 490 PLN

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